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Approved Civil Aircraft Landing Permits (CALPs) are not published on this site. If you have questions about CALPs or expiration dates, contact USAASA at DSN 656-0687 or Comm (703) 806-0687 or via email.

Do I Need a CALP?

Civil aircraft are required to have a Civil Aircraft Landing Permit to use military airfields. If you need a permit, here is how it works. First you need an authorized reason to use a military airfield. (i.e. Official business on a military installation, support government contracts, etc.) The authorized reasons are stated in Army Regulation 95-2. If you have a valid reason to use an Army airfield, then the Army needs three forms submitted to process the permit. The Army requires one completed copy each of the DD Form 2400 Civil Aircraft Certificate of Insurance, DD Form 2401 Civil Aircraft Landing Permit, and DD Form 2402 Civil Aircraft Hold Harmless Agreement.

Your insurance company will have to complete and submit the Civil Aircraft Certificate of Insurance on your behalf. Many of the insurance companies have the DD Form 2400 on hand. The duration of the Civil Aircraft Landing Permit is normally based on the expiration date of insurance but not more than one year from the date of application.

On the DD Form 2401 please provide the information requested on the front side of the form. In block 2 of the form, you may request specific Army airfields you need to use. In block 4, state your reason for needing to use the airfields listed in block 2. A new DD Form 2401 is required annually if access is required for recurring use.

The DD Form 2402, Hold Harmless Agreement, is self explanatory. An original signature is required on this form.

A Civil Aircraft Hold Harmless Agreement, DD Form 2402, is in effect when using military airfields and the pilot-in-command and occupants of the aircraft should be aware of the liability limits placed on the US government by the Hold Harmless Agreement.

Army Civilian Aircraft Landing Permits are applicable for U.S. Army airfields only. If you need to use Navy or Air Force airfields, you must contact that military service.

It should be noted that approval of this Civil Aircraft Landing Permit at the Army level does not guarantee you will always have access to an Army Airfield listed on a permit. Pilots are required to coordinate with the airfield to obtain prior permission each time they need to use an airfield. The airfield command may have operations or classified missions occurring which may not be compatible with civil aircraft use of the airfield. The Airfield Commander is the final authority on civil use of their facility, and occasionally an operator may not receive an explanation as to why they have been denied use.

Landing fees may be charged at any Army airfield.

Last Updated: 25 Sep 2018